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Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM)

RACE Tech offer Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management services are used in the infrastructure development projects of Bangladesh. Whether you require Design/Build Services or a stand-alone service, such as Engineering, RACE Tech has the expertise and resources to meet your project demands.

RACE Tech, a joint venture between many expert companies, is providing construction, procurement, and project management services for the projects. Scope includes steel erection, equipment installation, refractory installation, piping, electrical and instrumentation.

Considering the Bangladesh Government’s vision 2021, emphasis on infrastructure development, the total construction opportunity, both infrastructure and industrial, is expected to grow substantially, going forward. This growth in construction opportunity will be driven by infrastructure investment in the following areas: Bangladesh Government has also introduced few initiatives such as incentives for the establishment of Infrastructure Investment Trusts to bring infrastructure financing back on track. These instruments will be granted a tax-pass through status to avoid double taxation and encourage investment. With opportunity come challenges Even with several opportunities and expectation of enhanced support from the new Government, the construction sector continues to be troubled by various challenges. The increasing backlog of infrastructure projects, mounting losses due to delays and cost overruns has dampened the mood. Achieving financial closure for new projects has become a challenge, especially for many who had to go for debt restructuring for their current portfolio. Factors such as delays in land acquisition and environmental clearances, capacity constraints, weak project management, dependency on human labour, poor governance and wide spread corruption have further eroded investors’ interest. Timely measures can go a long way in sustaining the long-term growth of the sector There is a need to realise that a large project pipeline alone is not sufficient, the sector needs a helping hand to continue on its growth trajectory. Considering that the fundamentals of the sector’s growth are in place, timely and innovative initiation and implementation of policy measures can go a long way in facilitating its journey.